Association of swiss Science olympiads
Swiss Biology Olympiad
University of Bern

Logo IBO 2013

An abstract representation of a signal transduction

Signal transduction? A highly interesting and central topic of modern biology. The signal transduction is the primary mechanism with which a biological cell reacts to external information. The IBO 2013 logo shows a very simplified version of such a signalling pathway, started by the interaction of a hormone – represented by the Swiss banner – with a receptor. This input will be transmitted all through the cell by a multitude of proteins and ends up with a cellular response, displayed by the four blue dots.

This fundamental biological process has a lot in common with the IBO. The IBO sends out new signals in scientific education. The young participants receive an important input, enabling them to gain new experiences and acquire additional skills. They will enlarge their knowledge in biology, meet new and foreign cultures and get to know many young people from all over the world. We are convinced that the IBO 2013 in Switzerland will inspire young scientists and will positively affect their future activities.

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